This is a brand that provides products and services for " preventing the spread of contagious diseases".

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in early 2020, the COVID-19 virus has continued to spread widely. The emergency rooms become hot spot of infection and negative pressure wards are full in some areas. Medical staff are exposed to work in an environment full of viruses and bacteria for a long time. At the beginning, we simply want to help the frontline personnel, protect them, and provide a safe space.

Thus, in 2020, we got involved in the research of the advanced nano composite material applied in PEVA and Polyester. Our medical tent and body bag are dedicated designed for preventing the spread of contagious diseases with antiviral agent coating passed ISO21702 international antiviral standard certification. The antiviral agent can effectively inhibit the proliferation of viruses and bacteria on the object substrate for a long time. It avoids the infection of front-line personnel due to exposure to viruses and bacteria or causing secondary infections when they are taken home reducing the risk of contagious disease transmission.

Nowadays, the COVID-19 has impacts on our daily activities. In the post-epidemic period, in addition to vaccinations to boost personal immunity, DL MEDICALCARE, provides safe antiviral products and services that can make the new life of epidemic prevention more secure and free from virus threats in the environment.

DL Medicalcare Brand Value