Wonderland Adventure Co., Ltd is established. Taking technology into the traditional industry, and “safety" as our core value, created DL ADVENTURE, the brand of outdoor products.

We obtained a US invention patent for structural innovation (patent number 15/990,796). Allowing standard six-person tents to be easily placed into the motorcycle pannier greatly reduces the riding risk of falling objects.

We got involved in the research of antiviral nano composite material application in PEVA and Polyester.

We created the brand of DL MEDICALCARE with the core concept of “preventive healthcare and safety".

 In the same year, launched the medical tent and the body bag with the ISO21702 antiviral certification specially to prevent the spread of contagious diseases.

In the same year, we were recognized in technological innovation breakthrough in the innovation research and development plan by the Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs (SBIR).

Principles and Concepts


We pay attention to listening to the user's voice and checking every detail.


We strictly control the quality of each product and do our best to keep promises.


We respect all aspects of ideas and execution, including strategy, marketing, management, etc.